2015 Armalite USCA National 2-Gun Championship

May 27-31, 2015 at Peacemaker National Training Center in Gerrardstown, WV.

US Carbine Association, in partnership with Peacemaker National Training Center, is proud to announce the 2015 Armalite USCA National 2-Gun Championship. The match will be held May 27-31, 2015. Staff shoots on Wednesday May 27th & Thursday May 28th. Competitors shoot all stages over three days on Friday May 29th, Saturday May 30th & Sunday May 31st.

The championship will feature a majority of natural terrain stages and square range stages to challenge competitors of all levels. The match features a prize table with up to $50,000 in firearms, optics and shooting related gear.

Mandatory Shooters Meeting

  • Official MANDATORY Shooters Meeting and Match Check-in, Registration & Squadding Assignments: THURSDAY, May 28th at 6PM at The Peacemaker National Training Center. Squad information, rule clarifications and start times given to shooters at this time.
  • Shooters May view courses of fire on Thursday May 28th beginning at 5PM - 8PM but must be present for the shooters meeting at 6PM.

USCA Divisions

Heavy, No Mag, MilLe, TacOps, Open

Match Fee

$200 - Non-PNTC Members
$185 - PNTC Members
$125 - Juniors (Under 18 at the time of the match)

Offical Match Stage Volunteers Shoot free upon approval and are eligible for the prize table. Staff will shoot on May 27th & May 28th. Staff will also receive $100 upon arrival on Thursday to assist with travel and meals. All staff will select the appropriate staff designation in registration and staff is limited to the first 20 approved applicants. Staff also must be approved by the match director. All applying staff must have experience running stages in USPSA, 3Gun and or IPSC.

Please see further details on the registration page.

Match fees are non-refundable.

What to Expect

  • The sport of 2-gun focuses on the semi-automatic rifle and pistol. Virtually any configuration will fit into one of USCA's competitive divisions (see division detail in section 5 of the rulebook). 2-gun is a physical sport and may require competitors to cover a good deal of ground and to engage targets from a wide variety of shooting positions during any given course of fire. Competitors are welcome to utilize equipment for safety and comfort, including elbow/knee pads and any form of footwear.
  • The match will consist of 10 stages, made up of 8 field courses and 2 short courses. Anticipated round count is 400 rounds rifle, 300 rounds pistol. This is subject to change, and any significant modifications will be communicated to registered competitors in advance of the match.
    Stage Descriptions
  • Side matches will be available to competitors throughout the three day event. Side matches will carry their own rules and prizes, separate from the main match.
  • PNTC will provide a range for zeroing on each day for use by competitors.
  • Match Rules: It is highly recommended that all competitors read and understand the USCA rulebook as part of their preparation for this match. Below are a number of key rules and sections.
    • Competitor Equipment: Section 4 of the rulebook defines what a competitor can and cannot use in the course of a match.
      • The same rifle in the same configuration must be used for the entire match. This includes any accessories, such as lights, vertical grips and optical magnifiers (where allowed). (Section 4.2)
      • Ammunition: Steel core, steel jacketed, armor piercing, incendiary and tracer ammunition, and any projectile that sticks to a magnet is expressly prohibited. This is for safety and for preservation of targets. (Section 4.5)
      • Rifle Sling: The rifle must ALWAYS be slung whenever a shot is fired from a rifle. (Section 4.8)
    • Divisions: Competitive divisions are detailed with allowances and restrictions in section 5 of the rulebook. There will be no freestyle division at this match.
    • Cover: USCA does not recognize a penalty for cover based on perceived exposure to targets. (Section 6.3.3)
    • Target Distance: The maximum distance for a rifle target is 500 yards, and for pistol, 50 yards. Plan to shoot out to these maximum distances at this match and choose your equipment and division accordingly. Full details in sections 6.3.9 and 6.3.10.
    • Scoring: This match will follow USCA standard scoring which is detailed in section 7. Overall results are based on match points and stages are scored time plus penalties. Competitors are strongly encouraged to review this section in detail.
  • Additional details and requirements are available on the registration page.

Match Calendar

May 27-28: Match RO's and Staff shoot.
May 29-31: Competitors shoot three days.
May 31: Award ceremony

A detailed schedule will be provided to registered competitors prior to the match.


Match Lodging

See the list of lodging partners on PNTC's website for discounted rates at local hotels.

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